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Mandated TxSSC School Safety Audit Cycle Completion

Texas Education Code 37.108 (b) and (c) requires every open enrollment charter school, K-12 schools, and Junior colleges to complete a MANDATORY safety and security audit once every three (3) years in accordance with procedures developed by the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) or a person listed on the registry maintained by the TxSSC. 

Click for TxSSC Audit Requirements

Open Enrollment Charter Schools must complete and submit their completed audit to the TxSSC by September 15, 2025. 

*Note... Audits are required to be completed DURING INSTRUCTIONAL PERIODS. This means all on-site audits must be completed by the last day of school.

K-12 Schools must complete and submit their completed audit to the TxSSC by August 31, 2023. All on-site audits must be completed by the last day of school, May/June of 2023!  TxSSC is opening up the submission portal on April 15, 2023.

* Jan 08, 2023 Update

We are almost booked up for Audit availability in this cycle.  If you still require your audit, contact us immediately!

GSFT- School Safety Certification has a full staff of licensed, certified, TxSSC Registered Auditors and consultants to complete your audit in compliance with TEC 37.108.

Schedule your audit easily using the following steps;

  1. Complete the below Audit Estimate Form for a quote/estimate on an audit for your school or district.

  2. Accept the quote (instructions for acceptance in the quote)

  3. Upon written acceptance of the quote, the school or district will provide an approved Purchase Order (P.O.) or payment via issued check.  At that time, the school will be given a 60 day window in which their Audit will occur. Only the Superintendent and local Law Enforcement will be notified of the exact day to comply with TxSSC, TEA, and auditing best practices.

  4. Our consultants and Audit team will conduct an On-Site audit in compliance with the current TxSSC guidance and regulations.

  5. Once the On-Site audit is completed, our certified audit staff will review the compiled information and complete the TxSSC certified audit for submission in compliance with TEC 37.108.


Request a Certified Safety Audit Estimate

Thanks for submitting, our staff will reach out to you very soon with an estimate or any follow up questions!

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