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 Our Mission 

To provide 
common sense 
Defense Solutions
in our schools 

What We Do

We are law enforcement, former military, and competition shooters who are passionate about providing citizens the tools necessary to defend themselves.  For years we have been revolutionizing the License to Carry industry with our instruction techniques and real-world experience.

With the passage of the Texas School Marshal Program/ School Safety Certification, Texas now allows educational organizations to place specific, trained, hand picked employees to safely carry firearms on their person.

Out of over 4000 certified LTC instructors we are among the first 12 certified to instruct and train educators to carry firearms on campus.  We are the ONLY people who bring personalized training and military/ law enforcement grade simulation training using non-lethal ammunition.  Before certifying, we will put your employees through real life scenarios using live actors.  This is the same training military and law enforcement use to hone their skills.  You should have it too.

Make no mistake, we are the premier course to achieve your training.

*2014 FBI Active Shooter Report

237+ Casualties since 2000

Educational envinroments account for the second highest casualty counts second only to workplace violence

60% are over before police arrive

Most incidents are over prior to the arrival of police, leaving students/ educators to fend for themselves

11.4 Active Shootings per year

Active Shooting incidents per year double every 7 years.

Active shootings and mass killings are on the rise.  Our schools are made with glass doors and guarded by maybe one armed guard or school resource officer.  Over and over again educators and administrators are the front line defense against a major disturbance or mass killing in progress

The 2014 FBI Active Shooter Report details all incidents in the United States between 2000-2013.  Look at the stats and see for yourself.  Give the educators and administrators the tools to defend their keep.

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