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LEO Critical Incident Response to Guardian Locations

Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response

Guardian Schools are more prevalent than ever in Texas, and it is time for TCOLE certified officers to train in responding to campuses with armed employees. This course will be instructed by Bryan Proctor, a TCOLE and ALERRT instructor who owns GSFT-School Safety Certification. Bryan Proctor, to date, has certified School Guardians representing over 100 school districts within Texas.

This 10-hour course will cover the following principles;

  • Law Enforcement Initial Incident Response

  • Guardian Initial Incident Response

  • Entry and Movement Tactics

  • Full-Scale Simulation Training using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Man Marker© equipment and firearms utilizing trained guardians/role players

  • Certified Instructors providing feedback and incident response critiques

*This course is restricted to TCOLE Certified Officers ONLY

**This course is hosted by Hallettsville Police Department,

but no TCOLE credit will be applied to attendees.

***GSFT-School Safety Certification is not a TCOLE Training

Provider and this course currently has no TCOLE course number

October 28, 2023 0700-1700 hrs

Hallettsville High School

200 N. Ridge St, Hallettsville TX 77964


Cost: $350

All Participants must be physically able to complete the tasks required of a responding officer to a high stress critical incident.  Physical tasks required of officers will include but are not limited too:

  • Proper and safe firearm handling

  • Hallway/room clearing

  • Standing/walking/urgent movement for extended periods of time

  • High stress emotional mental engagement


Please fill out the form field below to register for the course.  An invoice will be emailed to the email provided. In the event your agency email firewall blocks the invoice, you will be contacted via provided phone number for a secondary email.  Registration will not be considered final until the invoice is paid.

Please direct all questions to

To register and pay directly via Credit Card CLICK HERE

Course Registration Request

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