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Looking for Continuing Education Training?

We complete many different training programs for school districts.  Most Texas districts have completed the SSC but non Texas districts have other plans in place.



We have a full array of non lethal training technology and specialize in immersive scenario training utilizing Ultimate Training Munitions conversions and non-lethal training ammunition.  We take your current safety plan and train participants using the plan.  Scenarios are extremely immersive using a full array of Glock 17s, Glock 19's, AR-15s and more.  We are fully certified in Man Marker Rounds and Battlefield Blank Rounds.  This makes training in your environment "As real as it gets".

Immersive Scenario Training

Live Fire Shooting Under Duress Proficiency

Shooting Under Duress Certificate JPEG.j
Hostage 4.jpg

Personal Training Program



We can create a personal training program that is self initiated either as a group or individually.  This is especially useful for monthly group range training to sharpen skills between qualifications.  Each program is tailored for each group to enhance skill deficiencies and build group cohesion.  




Participants undergo a 200-250 round live fire proficiency utilizing hostage targets.  Participants will be trained and tested on emergency magazine changes, moving and/while shooting, target identification, and much more.  Successful participants will receive a certification valid for one year

SSC Training Protocol JPEG.jpg

This is just a sample of what we do.  There are many more training options.  If you want an audit of your school security or have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you for contacting us. We will reply shortly!

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