In 2013, the Texas Legislature passed two separate methods to allow educators and/or school district employees to carry handguns on campus. The options were called the "School Marshal Plan" and the "School Safety Training (Guardian Plan)"

They both have different intentions.  


The School Marshal Plan was intended to give educators/employees armed law enforcement capabilities and responsibilities. 

The School Safety Training, otherwise known as the Guardian Plan was intended to solely to provide hand picked armed educators/employees the ability to defend themselves and students in the event of an Active Shooter or "Active Killer"

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We proudly endorse and help implement the DIR-S system

  • Instantly notify all staff of an emergency

  • Instantly notify Emergency Responders of the emergency

  • Find lost students

  • Works across all devices

  • Full admin control

DIR-S School Emergency Notification System

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TX ESC Regions 9, 11, 14, and 15

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